Does your furniture no longer suit your current decor? Out of fashion, unloved? Languishing forgotten and lonely, gathering dust in a dark corner of your garage or attic? Thought about selling it or giving it to a charity shop even though you love it? Wait. What about giving it a makeover?  I can help you by updating your current furniture which means not only do you get to keep it but it will also save you money.

What Next?

OK so you've decided that you'd like to go ahead and get that piece out into the light and updated. The next step is to contact me giving me the details of your item including if it needs mending first. Whilst I do some minor repairs I do not tackle things that need a major overhaul. They do need to be structurally sound.

I will do my best to deliver the finish you have asked for. However, if on completion you do not like it, having agreed the finish and the colour beforehand, there will be no refunds on the completed work.

Alternatively if you have seen something in my previous work portfolio that you like the look of or indeed on the sales page but it just won't fit in your home, I can source new pieces for you and paint them in the style of your choice.

Please note

A 50% deposit of the price quoted for the work is required before commencement.

There are no refunds on bespoke pieces commissioned by the client.

Most commissions can be carried out at my premises, therefore the cost of delivery and collection will be incur an additional cost

If the commission has be carried out at the clients' premises - this will incur an additional cost of travelling time and fuel unless very local to me.

Please use the contact form in the first instance if you would like to discuss this option.